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Questions For Legal System

No 10 faces legal challenge

Scalia's death casts uncertainty

Cyberbullying creating difficult questions

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In this video op-ed Richard Susskind, co-author of "The Future of the Professions: How Technology Will Transform the Work of Human Experts," lays out the challenges facing law firms today, and what he believes will be the difference.


Will Law Firms

No 10 faces legal challenge

Scalia's death casts uncertainty

Cyberbullying creating difficult questions

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In the upcoming second part of our video series, Susskind will respond to questions about the ideas he presents in his book, which was co-written with his son, Daniel Susskind, a lecturer in economics at Balliol College, Oxford

Seeking to Sell Your Company? Here Are a Couple of Tips

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Cyberbullying creating difficult questions for legal system

When B.C. native Amanda Todd took her own life in 2012 after being harassed online, a video she released detailing her experience caused widespread concern and raised questions as to how police handle the online world.

Ezra Levant, free-speech advocate,

Controversial free-speech advocate Ezra Levant has applied to resign from the Law Society of Alberta while facing complaints from two Alberta lawyers who he publicly criticized during his time as a newspaper columnist and television commentator.

Seeking to Sell Your Company?

In general there are 2 methods of selling a company or company. The very first is to sell the shares in a company. The second is to sell the business as a going issue which includes the assets and goodwill of the business. This article applies to both scenarios.


Any seller wants to ensure that they get maximum value for the company, which is payable as quickly as possible and with minimum continuous liabilities including warranties or indemnities.

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This exercise can either be carried out by yourself or alternatively by a specialist consultant with experience of preparing a company for sale. If you opt to carry out the exercise yourself then you might consider using a Financial and Legal Due Diligence Questionnaire as a guide. These are due diligence documents which are sent out by a potential purchaser to a seller in advance of a sale as part of the reality finding or due diligence exercise.

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